A Shade of Vampire 19: A Soldier of Shadows

A Shade of Vampire 19: A Soldier of Shadows is the 19th book in the Shade of Vampire series by author Bella Forrest. The story follows a young Benjamin having a vision to capture the answers he desperately seeks. Past answers are key to solving present dilemmas. Not all answers are resolved.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: A Shade of Vampire 19: A Soldier of Shadows audiobook by Anja

Great, but with some Annoyance

I liked the new character of River. She’s a 17 year old girl who tries very hard to help out her single mother with taking care of her 3 siblings. Her older brother is autistic and her youngest sister has asthma.

When one of the siblings is taken by vampires in the night while visiting their grandfather in Cairo, River goes after them and is thrown into the world of the supernatural.

Ben Novak is now in the Oasis and still having serious issues with drinking animal blood. He meets River, but doesn’t interact with her for a short time afterwards. When they do come together, they attempt to locate River’s sibling and break out of the Oasis.

Later Ben finally discovers the reason he cannot stomach any animal blood, and may have no way out of it.

The thing that really bothered me in this book was the number of times Ben is carrying River. There comes a point when it’s not really necessary for him to carry her around, yet she’s always on his damn back. I mean, the girl can walk herself down a flight of stairs. 🤚 Please.

Review 2: A Shade of Vampire 19: A Soldier of Shadows audiobook by Amazon Customer

Love these books.. BUT….

I listen to Audible books. It is the only way I retain anything. I LOVE this series.. but it’s VERY annoying that I can’t listen to anything beyond book 20… yet they’re still coming out with other books in other series!!!

Review 3: A Shade of Vampire 19: A Soldier of Shadows audiobook by Stacey

Great book

Another great book in the series! Once again I am left excited for the next book!! And as always there were plenty of plot twists and turns!

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    1. Can you please update A Shade of Vampire 19: A Soldier of Shadows. The audio is for book 18 a trail of echos and not for book 19.

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