The Final Empire

Brandon Sanderson with his science fiction fantasies have earned great repute as a writer. His popular Mistborn series is a true example of this claim, where he has impressed masses with his strong abilities to create stories, which are full of meaningful content, strong characters and dialogues.

The Final Empire book is the first chapter from the series, which makes a grand opening for many other chapters to come. Michael Kramer as a narrator was appreciable and his soulful voice goes well with the mood of the characters he played in the novel.

It was more than a 1000 years with any ash felling and without the blossoming of any flowers. For the same period of time, the Skaa was in the servitude of misery and spent life in total fear. For the same period of time, the Lord Ruler reigned his regime with absolute power and control. The heart broken and terribly scared Skaa rediscovered hope, while being in the worst prison of Lord Ruler.

Kelsier discovered himself with the might powers of Mistborn. He was a talented thief and a born leader, who turned all his skills to the resourceful caper.

The author starts by posing a few simple questions to his listeners: What if the hero or the leading man of the prophecy fails to deliver? What would the entire world look like if it is led by a Dark Lord? The answers to these questions could be found in the Mistborn series, where the journey initiates from the first novel under discussion.

The Way of Kings and Starsight are other famous and worth listening novels by Brandon Sanderson, which you must check out.

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