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The Gods of H. P. Lovecraft is a group of brief tales written by numerous authors, together with Rachel Caine, Seanan McGuire, Laird Barron, Jonathan Maberry, James A Moore, Christopher Golden, Erin J French, and David Liss. The ebook is impressed by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and explores the themes of cosmic horror and the existence of historical deities.

The tales within the ebook are interconnected and revolve round a bunch of characters who uncover that the gods of Lovecraft’s mythos are actual and have been manipulating humanity for their very own functions. The characters should confront these beings and attempt to stop them from unleashing their full energy on the world.

One of many standout tales within the assortment is “The Youngsters of Yig” by Rachel Caine, which follows a lady who discovers that she is descended from a race of serpent folks worshipped by the god Yig. One other notable story is “The Dreaming in Nortown” by James A Moore, which explores the thought of a city that exists in each our world and a parallel dimension dominated by Lovecraftian entities.

Total, The Gods of H. P. Lovecraft is an exciting and chilling learn for followers of Lovecraft’s work and cosmic horror usually.

The gods of H.P. Lovecraft: a model new anthology that collects the 12 foremost gods of Lovecraftian Mythology and unleashes them. That includes the most important names within the horror and darkish fantasy genres, together with a number of New York Instances bestsellers; all the authentic novel; and Donald Tyson’s private commentary on every god.

Lovecraft’s beasts have had a significant affect on the horror scene for the reason that time these sacred names had been first conjured. Cthulhu, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth – temples of horrors paying homage to the worst cosmic nightmares and the darkest indicators of human nature. The gods of H.P. Lovecraft brings collectively 12 model new myths from: Cthulhu (Adam Nevill), Yog-Sothoth (Martha Wells), Azathoth (Laird Barron), Nyarlathotep (Bentley Little), Shub-Niggurath (David Liss), Tsathoggua (Brett) Talley), Mi-Go (Christopher Golden and James A. Moore); The Nightwalker (Jonathan Maberry); Nice Issues (Joe Lansdale); The Nice Race (Rachel Caine); Yig (Douglas Wynne); and The Deep Ones (Seanan McGuire).

I like the way in which that this ebook is structured. Every story is preceded by a brief description of the elder god that’s highlighted within the story.

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